On the Tampa Bay Times Sunday paper!

8 Sep

On the Tampa Bay Times Sunday paper today! Big thanks to Megan Hussey and Michele Miller.


Astrid in Tampa Bay Times

Astrid Mullix Show # 2 – Starting High school

23 Aug

The new Astrid Mullix Show, featuring special guests and locations. In this edition: Starting High School, with Adabel Mullix as special guest.



Living at Seven Oaks

5 Jul

I am a resident of this stupendous neighborhood, Seven Oaks! Living in such a nice and beautiful community is a huge gift! To me, you couldn’t possibly get bored at Seven Oaks since it has almost all of a family’s living and recreational needs in one place! Seven Oaks has a remarkable location, close to shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, a hospital (coming soon) and very easy to get on the highway to go to Tampa, Orlando, or the beach, but what’s remarkable it’s what’s inside the neighborhood…

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Driving inside immediately sets you in a natural setting, welcomed by a clock tower, beautiful trees and flowers, it makes you feel like you arrived in paradise, but one of the best attractions is definitely the Clubhouse WOW! The clubhouse is teeming with excitement, activities, classes, and fun! They have different lessons for children and adults for swimming, sports, dancing, fitness, music and many more! Its surrounded by sport areas like tennis, basketball, volleyball and even a baseball and soccer fields that can be enjoyed by the whole family or teams. However, in this hot Florida weather, the best part must be the pools! There are two huge pools, one with a big slide that I always go on and it’s so much fun! Two mini pools fun and safe for little kids and toddlers, with raining mushrooms and water jets! This clubhouse just has enough for the whole family!  Play Ping-Pong by the pools, get a snack at the cafe and play a table game, rent the hall or pool cabana for a party, work out at the gym or aerobics room, take the kids to the shaded playground, so much to do! And…did you know that they also have a movie theater? bring your favorite movie and popcorn! What else could a person ask for!

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If you don’t want to go to the Clubhouse, you can always enjoy a great walk or bike ride by the beautiful roads or the serene nature trails by the trees, flowers and lakes. Or enjoy the mini parks in each neighborhood which include a playground, basketball and open grass fields. You wouldn’t have to drive anywhere, just walk out of your house! My family and I always enjoy the immediate recreation everyday.

I have lived in Seven Oaks for a year and I have never been bored since! I recommend all families to explore all the recreation the community has to offer. I thank Seven Oaksfor welcoming me into such a spectacularly beautiful and friendly community!

Car Show at Wiregrass Mall

22 May

Just recently, I had visited a super cool car show located at the Wiregrass Mall, Wesley Chapel, Florida. The exciting show included many cars, some still used regularly by people, and other just to model. Some of the vehicles shown were antique or classic while others were modern.

Visiting and experiencing the spectacular views of such beautiful cars made me feel like I was living in the early 1900s! I saw numerous cars and mini trucks that had the same old look as vehicles used back in the day, and just glancing at them caused me to run desperately!, happy to finally see something I have never seen before!

During the show, there were two funny cars that caught my eye in a blink! I walking down the road enjoying all the extraordinary cars, when suddenly in front of me I see a car that is halfway broken?! “What in the world is this thing doing here? Isn’t this show only for cars that actually look good? “ I said to myself. I look further in the car and now even worse…. the inside is just wires? “ Pero ven aca?! Este carro parece ridiculo aqui! No no no no! “ , and just from there I zoomed away in disbelief.  I guess it was there to make a funny statement.  All cars deserve a chance!  The second car that just surprised me was a vehicle truly similar to “ Mater” in the Disney movie “ Cars “. It looked like it was bought from the junkyard! ( haha)

I ran down the street hoping to find find a car that would blow my mind! And I found it, several of them! I experienced the view of Corvettes, mustangs, bugs, and vehicles used in the olden day times and very modern and powerful ones.

Every single car had their own design, from fire flames, to animals, and even representing different characters! Some were even decorated with mini toy cars that were the same car as the one being shown, which was one of the things that fascinated me!

If I were to pick the most exciting part of the whole Car Show would definitely…. Who am i kidding? All of it! The show was very complete, had a lot of variety for all tastes and was very fun.

You should totally go to a car show and have fun with family or friends.

Here’s the 2012 schedule:
July 14 3-9 PM
October 13 3PM to 9PM


The Shops at Wiregrass
28211 Paseo Dr, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 994-4010 ‎

And here’s the event link:

Also enjoy the pictures and wait for the great video I made of the show experience!

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Astrid Thanks Supporters for helping her win $15,000!

4 May

Astird Mullix thanks all her supporters in the Uncle Bens contest helping her $10,000 for her school and $5,000 savings bond, congratulates Sydney the winner and presents her new website http://www.AstridMullix.com/ . Follow Astrid on all her new adventures!

Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall

1 May

The Ferris Wheel, to roller coasters, all the way to entertainment and fun? What else could a person ask for? In April, sometime during Spring, me and my cousins visited a stupendous fair located in the Wiregrass Mall in, Wesley Chapel, Florida.

The fair is full of anything a fair needs! But, to be honest, I am pretty sure in thought that they included much more than it shall have, which made the fair super exciting and entertaining! The most attractive unit of entertainment there at the spring fair was the “Ferris Wheel“ which was way like 300 feet high! It stood out and caught up all the attention with the bright and fascinating lights that moved around in patters showing different forms of details. “ I am soo going on that!” i hollered with excitement! Apparently we didn’t, but already, I could tell that it would be a spectacular moment.

Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall

Not only was there a huge Ferris Wheel , but the fair also included a variety of different rides, some that zoomed like the wind, others that took their sweet time. Just before I got out of my car and ran to the mind-blowing carnival, I had a feeling of excitement because I already knew that i was going to have a spectacular time!

Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall

If you have never been to a carnival, festival, parade, or fair… I strongly suggest that you go, because it brings joy and happiness to life, which is what we people enjoy experiencing!

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My First Post Ever!

20 Apr

AstridMullix.com is my new website where I will share my main interests in life.  My website is going to be loaded with many great videos that include my passion for cooking, my love towards travel ( and places I experienced), also, the fun that I have as I experience life.  I sincerely hope you enjoy it and follow it and share it.  Thanks!