Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall

1 May

The Ferris Wheel, to roller coasters, all the way to entertainment and fun? What else could a person ask for? In April, sometime during Spring, me and my cousins visited a stupendous fair located in the Wiregrass Mall in, Wesley Chapel, Florida.

The fair is full of anything a fair needs! But, to be honest, I am pretty sure in thought that they included much more than it shall have, which made the fair super exciting and entertaining! The most attractive unit of entertainment there at the spring fair was the “Ferris Wheel“ which was way like 300 feet high! It stood out and caught up all the attention with the bright and fascinating lights that moved around in patters showing different forms of details. “ I am soo going on that!” i hollered with excitement! Apparently we didn’t, but already, I could tell that it would be a spectacular moment.

Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall

Not only was there a huge Ferris Wheel , but the fair also included a variety of different rides, some that zoomed like the wind, others that took their sweet time. Just before I got out of my car and ran to the mind-blowing carnival, I had a feeling of excitement because I already knew that i was going to have a spectacular time!

Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall

If you have never been to a carnival, festival, parade, or fair… I strongly suggest that you go, because it brings joy and happiness to life, which is what we people enjoy experiencing!

To see the complete gallery, CLICK HERE

One Response to “Spring Fair at Wiregrass Mall”

  1. Eden Sullivan July 12, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

    hey girlie how r u i just loved the video and all of those rides i went on at the one near us the palisades mall and it was so much fun remember the hang glider one well listen to this the mall is right next to the throughway and so when u go on this u feel like u r going to fall out of the thing and land on a car its so scary when u go in that direction and there was this other one where u spun while u go upside down it was so fun anyways u will be hearing a lot more comments like this because i just love this blog and website and i know that this website will somewhat get u to your dream so dream on and LIVE YOUR LIFE in the best way possible luv u gurl TEXT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    _______________________ THE EDESTER

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