Living at Seven Oaks

5 Jul

I am a resident of this stupendous neighborhood, Seven Oaks! Living in such a nice and beautiful community is a huge gift! To me, you couldn’t possibly get bored at Seven Oaks since it has almost all of a family’s living and recreational needs in one place! Seven Oaks has a remarkable location, close to shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, a hospital (coming soon) and very easy to get on the highway to go to Tampa, Orlando, or the beach, but what’s remarkable it’s what’s inside the neighborhood…

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Driving inside immediately sets you in a natural setting, welcomed by a clock tower, beautiful trees and flowers, it makes you feel like you arrived in paradise, but one of the best attractions is definitely the Clubhouse WOW! The clubhouse is teeming with excitement, activities, classes, and fun! They have different lessons for children and adults for swimming, sports, dancing, fitness, music and many more! Its surrounded by sport areas like tennis, basketball, volleyball and even a baseball and soccer fields that can be enjoyed by the whole family or teams. However, in this hot Florida weather, the best part must be the pools! There are two huge pools, one with a big slide that I always go on and it’s so much fun! Two mini pools fun and safe for little kids and toddlers, with raining mushrooms and water jets! This clubhouse just has enough for the whole family!  Play Ping-Pong by the pools, get a snack at the cafe and play a table game, rent the hall or pool cabana for a party, work out at the gym or aerobics room, take the kids to the shaded playground, so much to do! And…did you know that they also have a movie theater? bring your favorite movie and popcorn! What else could a person ask for!

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If you don’t want to go to the Clubhouse, you can always enjoy a great walk or bike ride by the beautiful roads or the serene nature trails by the trees, flowers and lakes. Or enjoy the mini parks in each neighborhood which include a playground, basketball and open grass fields. You wouldn’t have to drive anywhere, just walk out of your house! My family and I always enjoy the immediate recreation everyday.

I have lived in Seven Oaks for a year and I have never been bored since! I recommend all families to explore all the recreation the community has to offer. I thank Seven Oaksfor welcoming me into such a spectacularly beautiful and friendly community!

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